Maximize your Humans + AI productivity

Supercharge your AI workflow. Draw on a rich expandable library of optimized AI assistants, prompts, and custom contexts.

Everything you need to get better responses from ChatGPT

We’ve built an advanced and intuitive AI chat interface so you can save time and get better responses

A library of crafted

Start and continue your AI conversations with our library of high-quality prompts, designed to get you the best results.

30+ AI assistants to
choose from

Pick from one of our dozens of crafted AI assistants with their own specific skill sets and traits.

Add important context
with a click

Easily add crucial organization and project details to ensure the responses you get meet your goals.

Create and submit a complex prompt in seconds

The quick start screen lets you create elaborate prompts with a few clicks.

Organize your prompt and persona library

Easily find prompts and personas in your library using tags, adding them to favourites, and other search filters. 

An intuitive and powerful interface

Our streamlined interface lets you easily change prompts, personas, and contexts at every step of your AI assistant conversations.

Multi-step prompting has never been so fluid

Effortlessly shift between AI assistants and prompt templates in the middle of your AI conversations with our refined chat interface.

Add crucial organization and project details with a click

Enrich your AI conversations by adding context relevant to your specific project to get higher quality, tailored responses.

Choose from a library of crafted prompts and assistants

Assistant Library

Prompt Library

We’ve filled our library high-quality prompts and AI personas designed to get you excellent results every time.

We’ve filled with prompt library high-quality prompts and AI personas designed to get you excellent results every time.


How is ThoughtWeaver different from other AI Chat apps?

ThoughtWeaver lets you quickly configure complex instructions for your AI assistant so you can get responses of a far higher quality in less time. These details include the context of your organisation or project, the persona you would like your assistant to take on, as well as detailed prompt instructions.

Do you have a team plan?

We don’t have a team plan currently because we are still beta testing, but we have plans to offer a team plan so that custom contexts, personas, and prompts can be shared across accounts. 

Can I use my own API key?

Yes, you can use your own API key with ThoughtWeaver if you’re on the ‘Bring my own key’ plan.

Can I create my own prompts and personas?

You can add as many prompts and AI personas as you like to the library and pin them to your quick start section so they’re available for every message you send. 

Can I try ThoughtWeaver for free?

Yes, if you have an account you’re allowed to submit up to 5 free messages a day, but you won’t be able to create any prompts, personas, or contexts.

I want to white label or self host ThoughtWeaver. Is this possible?

This isn’t possible at this moment in time. Feel free to reach out to us [email protected].

Supercharge your AI workflow

Maximize your Humans + AI productivity with our streamlined prompting interface, saving you hours and consistently delivering better results. 

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